What is the theoretical maximum weight you can lift one time? Find Out Below:

Use our One Rep Max calculator to determine your One Rep Max for a given weight lifting exercise. This can then be used to determine maximum load for various rep ranges.
Beginner Instructions: 1) Complete a workout using a light weight. 2) Record how many repetitions you can get before failure. Use those numbers below to determine your One Rep Max. 3) Come back and enter new values as you get stronger. This will enforce progressive overload and optimize muscle growth.


Why is knowing your One Rep Max important?

Knowing your One Rep Max can serve two purposes.
1) It can be used to track your strength over time. If your strength is improving for a given exercise then your training plan & diet is working. If it's staying stagnant over long periods or decreasing then you need to evaluate your training plan & diet.
2) It can be used to calculate the correct weight to lift for a particular # of repetitions. For example you may want to lift 10 reps on weeks 1 and 2, adjust to 8 reps on week 3 and do 6 reps on week 4. Recalculating your One Rep Max every week allows you to use the correct weight for each rep range.